A B O U T      C R E A T O R


P L U M I N G A is created by Inga Plume - passionate photographer and beauty lover.

Beauty of the nature is what inspires me. All those forms, shapes and colours are amazing and so perfect.

And of course people. So many different personalities and amazing characters. Including myself :) 

I have asked that epic question "Who Am I ?" to myself so many times. There have been moments when I hear only silence as an answer. But I have also found pearls deep down within my soul. More deeper I go, more magic is happening.

One day I had an idea to bring out my wild nature to the surface and I created a "magic" crown that would express my personal senses of whom I really am. And it did magic. Putting that crown on my head my back was straightening out and I felt I can be myself more than ever before. 

I believe that each one of us has huge inner strength and fire. Our souls always knows who are we, even sometimes we forget about it. 

It is huge honour to me if I can help to reinforce that power by creating special crown, adornment that express exactly your feelings, your idea about yourself. It can be a tiny flower or huge butterflies in your hair. The size doesn't matter. The true feeling is what matters. 

For me it's a meditation seeing how different materials and separate pieces comes together. And happiness is seeing how the final result really brings out emotions to the surface.